Three things to avoid eating


What we do and what we eat directly affect our agni. Agni is our digestive fire, so if agni gets weakened or stressed, our ability to digest food and emotion gets disturbed. There are a number of things we can try to keep agni strong, but here are three things I really want you to avoid – refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol.


All three will be hard to digest for agni, in other words, it will not create ojas – the vitality for our life.

“Refined sugar increases heat and inflammation in the body, disrupts the balance in the digestive tract, and is addictive.” per my teacher, and similar effect on caffeine drinks and alcohol.

Caffeine includes chocolate and matcha, so best to avoid it even though some people say it’s a super food.


In my case, it took gradual pace to eliminate all three, and I especially had a hard time saying no to refined sugar.

The best I recommend is to do a gradual change, for example – instead of a caffeine drink, start getting a cup of herbal tea once a week. Instead of refined sugar, have a piece of date.

Now, I can tell my body gets overstimulated and dull after eating something containing refined sugar.

My body naturally refuses craving sugary items.


I realized there is so much I want to share with everyone!

Let us nourish our body with nature’s wisdom.