An easy thing that you can do for your healthy eating


Ayurveda recommends eating cooked food with fresh ingredients and love.

It is indeed an ideal meal, but not everyone in modern society can cook every single meal that way. 


However, there is one thing you can do easily.

This is to chew very well until there is no solid item in the mouth.

In Ayurveda, it is said that digestion starts from your mouth.

We want to have enough saliva to digest. 


When you eat, the best thing is to focus on your eating.

If you are eating alone, please eat your meal thoughtfully.

If you are eating with others, it is a good idea to have pleasant conversation.

I would recommend avoiding watching TV, using cellphones, and avoiding unpleasant conversation.

When you eat, the best thing is not to have any distractive items on the table.

It is a good idea to eat on the  lanai or some outdoor seating area if possible.


As much as the opportunity allows, keep the environment sattvic.

Sattvic, or sattva is a Sanskrit way of saying ‘in harmony’ or ‘clarity’.

Sattva has the highest vibration and it can exist for anything.  


Even though you might be having perfect organic ingredients, it means less if you are eating with anger or worry.

If your emotions go up and down too much, the best thing to do is avoid eating at that time.

Digestion happens with acceptance in mind, too.