The flow of life

Ayurveda thinks that our physical body is made of five elements of the universe, which are air, water, ether, fire, and earth.

If we think of nature, everything consists of five elements, too.

No matter how human life has advanced technologically, we are still part of nature, and we are a part of this universe.


As much as it allows, let us enjoy the flow of life.

One of the flows we can visually see is a change of seasons.

Sunrise and sunset changes throughout the year, too.

In the same way, life is not a one single line to move forward.

You can move forward and move back, or stop for a while.

There might be a time to feel that ‘you cannot waste any time’, but time itself is one of the criteria we define.

It is indeed a good idea to try hard and learn something new, but there’s no need to judge  through a human point of view. 


In the large scale of nature or universe, our presence itself is magic.

Being able to live in this moment itself is a gift from the universe.

Let us enjoy the flow of life.

Once you are in the flow, you will feel  a sense of security, and a very comfortable feeling.

These feelings enable us to use our own energy to do the right thing without creating any flixion.

Do you feel the flow in your life?