KANNONKOU Evening Special Service Report – April 18, 2022

KANNONKOU Evening Special Service was held on April 18 at the temple.

Our first evening event successfully closed its door with lots of audiences.

Pure gold Kannon Bodhisattva was donated by Tendaishu Hawaii coincidentally after we decided to have this event.

We started this event with chanting, then had a music performance by two professional musicians.

Serene sound was touching our heart and soul during the service.

We finished our service by singing a Japanese song.



Why Kannon Bodhisattva?

We worship Kannon Bodhisattva at Honolulu Myohoji.

There are bodhisattvas that are visible existences and invisible existences.

A bodhisattva is an existence that saves suffering people.

And a person who forgets his own needs and devotes himself to society and others is a living bodhisattva.

Kannon Bodhisattva hears the sounds and voices of the people of the world and frees them from their suffering.

We appreciate your attendance!
So happy to see lots of audiences at the temple again.


From the 18th of this month at 6:00 pm, we will start a special evening service for the Kannon Bodhisattva.
This service will be offered on the 18th of every month at the Honolulu Myohoji.

See you again in May!