Wanna stay beautiful? One thing to avoid for your beauty


In Buddhism, we all are an eternal self.

If that’s true, why not keep our physical body healthy?

When you do something good for your health, it will bring natural beauty. 

The most beautiful part of natural beauty is it comes within, not from outside. 


Ayurveda briefly defines the sign of good health by looking. 

These are soft skin, sparkling eyes, silky hair and no odor in your body. 

Having a healthy ritual will bring this beauty to you.


To do so, I highly recommend avoiding refined sugar.

Refined sugar is in many different forms, so most commercial sweets and drinks are to be avoided.

For your house cooking, it is highly recommended  to avoid white refined sugar and substitute with other types of sugar.

I would recommend using Jaggery, maple syrup, honey and dates.

If you have access to local unrefined sugar, it will be a good option too.


Honey and dates are especially recommended in Ayurveda.

These are said to be easier to absorb. Hence, it becomes ojas quicker than other items.

Ojas is our vitality, immunity and blissfulness.  When we have enough ojas, we will stay healthy. 


Note: Honey is recommended as raw.