The Lotus Sutra through the 7 Parables, Part 1

[Short stories from our booklet]
The Lotus Sutra is not  just a sutra made in the old days.
It is the teaching of unconditional love. (Not a romantic love.)
The teachings are all applicable to our current life and this blog is intended to share some tips to have a happier life.


About The Lotus Sutra through the 7 Parables








On this blog, we are introducing a bit of the story as a quote.


“There is only one way to understand the Lotus Sutra. That way is practice.

It is not something that is accompanied by pain.

It is to be free of one’s troublesome thoughts and theories and the confines of one’s temporary emotions.

By so doing, human beings attain oneness with the center of the universe.

Since there is an immense amount of information in the universe, it is from here that we awaken to the true meaning of the Lotus Sutra.
Moreover, even if we read a commentary on the Lotus Sutra, we cannot understand it. On the contrary, it becomes a hindrance to our understanding, and we are more confused.”



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The Lotus Sutra through the 7 Parables

The Lotus Sutra through the 7 Parables


Compiled by Rev. Takamasa Yamamura ,Head Priest, Honolulu Myohoji and Dan Liu
Translated by
Dean Makinodan