The Lotus Sutra through the 7 Parables, Part 2

[Short stories from our booklet]
The Lotus Sutra is not  just a sutra made in the old days.
It is the teaching of unconditional love. (Not a romantic love.)
The teachings are all applicable to our current life and this blog is intended to share some tips to have a happier life.


About The Lotus Sutra through the 7 Parables


On this blog, we are introducing a bit of the story as a quote.


“To know the mind of the Lotus Sutra is the result of the daily practice of chanting Namu Myoho Renge Kyo from the bottom of one’s heart. It can also be known by living our lives with deep kindness and compassion as an upright human being. ”


“The Buddha teaches that those who respond to that call will be given a large white ox cart, which is far more wonderful that the three vehicles. By large white ox cart He means the highest teaching of the Buddha that even if a common mortal, one can enter the same world of enlightenment as the Buddha.”



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The Lotus Sutra through the 7 Parables

The Lotus Sutra through the 7 Parables


Compiled by Rev. Takamasa Yamamura ,Head Priest, Honolulu Myohoji and Dan Liu
Translated by
Dean Makinodan