The Enlightening Messages Part II: Eternal Buddha in Us, in the World, Story 14

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The Lotus Sutra is not  just a sutra made in the old days.
The teachings are all applicable to our current life and this blog is intended to share some tips to have a happier life.


About The Enlightening Messages Part II: Eternal Buddha in Us, in the World

This booklet is derived from Nichiou Shonin Kyoke Shu, which was originally published by the Oushi-Kai of Butsugenji on June 10, 1989. The translation of the text has been done through permission of the copyright proprietor of the original work.


On this blog, we are introducing a bit of the story as quotes.

“The great kindness of the loving father is like the Sanno (Mountain King Deity) and the deep kindness of the affectionate mother is like the great sea.”

While nothing more needs to be said about the father’s kindness, particularly, the mother’s mind that thinks of her child, as described by the Shinjikan-gyo, is truly deep, and nearly incomparable.

Her thoughts for her child have continued from the time when it was in her womb and still without form.

And after having been born, when the child cries, the mother listens to those sounds like music.

“I leave the home of my father and mother, and become a priest for the salvation that will certainly come to them.”


(Page 14-15)

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