Honolulu Buddhist Temple


Honolulu Myohoji Mission was established in 1930 by Bishop Nisshu Kobayashi of the Kenpon Hokke-Order in Japan.

In May of 1954, Venerable Rev. Nittatsu Fujii of Nihonzan Myohoji offered a set of Busshari (Shakyamuni Buddha's Relics).

In May of 1968, the first Peace Tower in Honolulu, which includes the main prayer hall was realized.

In 1979 the Honolulu Myohoji was admitted into the NIchiren-Oreder (Nichiren-shu).

In 1983, Honolulu Myohoji Japanese Culture Center was built for supporting the development of Japanese culture.

In 2015, the Honolulu Myohoji celebrated the 85th anniversary of its founding.



To serve Hawaii in creating a more harmonious and compassionate community, with spiritual happiness and inner peace, through the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Shonin.


To seek the spiritual happiness of all people.


    The founder of Buddhism, Buddha Shakyamuni’s wish is the spiritual happiness of all sentien beings.


To make a better and peaceful community in Hawaii.


     Our founder of the sect, St. Nichiren’s wish is world peace through the teachings of lotus sutra. 

     The teachings of Nichiren Shu is the method to realize a better community in Hawaii.


We always strive to serve society and by so doing, we will contribute to the development of humankind.  Furthermore, our efforts will add to the value of Hawaiian Society’s existence.

We should be a helpful temple in Hawaii’s community.


To serve society through providing the services such as learning and practicing the Buddha’s Dharma,  meditation, the service for comforting the people’s mind.

The sharing our place for community’s needs as people’s wellness and health, world peace, and people’s spiritual development, and we ourselves provide the such as events.