Honolulu Buddhist Temple

As we seek the spiritual fulfillment of all people, we are offering diet and lifestyle tips from the Ayurveda point of view.
This page is updated by Jessica Kato, an ayurveda and yoga practitioner and a follower of Honolulu Myohoji Mission.
We are offering four contents on this page:
  • Ahar - Diet
  • Vihar - Lifestyle
  • Nidra - Quality sleep
  • Brahmacharya - Mental acceptance or resistance in life

Why does the temple talk about food?

To be able to experience the state of a healthy mind through meditation, it is important to be aware of our external environment (your surroundings) and internal environment (your inner state).

When both work together, we will be able to observe what is going on around you. You will also start noticing the change in your mind and that will take you to the state of awareness.


We offer meditation to focus on your mind, but having a healthy body will help you create a foundation of connecting to the true self.


We think that what you eat will help create the base of your physical body, and it will eventually support the quality of our meditation. Foods are regarded as a medicine in our ancient tradition, which roots back to ayurveda, Indian herbal medicine. 


For example, monks in India usually eat steamed rice and dal (bean soup) with ghee.

Ghee is clarified butter from cows, and it is considered more than just an oil. Ghee is also referenced in the Lotus Sutra as well.

It is regarded as part of the best medicine because of the benefit of calming all five senses of the energies. 

For the detail of ghee, see our article in below.

In ayurveda, these five senses of energies are called dosha, and categorized in three: 


Vata - combination of air and either energy,

Pitta - combination of fire and water energy, and

Kapha - combination of water and earth energy


In the old days in Japan, ghee was called “daigo 醍醐” in Japanese, and this was a cherished item for the feast as well. 


For these reasons, having a meaningful meal will help your meditation practice and well-being.



Flow your prana

Honolulu Myohoji Mission has been offering a meditation and listening lounge to enhance our spiritual happiness and promote a better and peaceful community in Hawaii.

In addition to that, we would like to offer tips for your lifestyle from an ayurvedic point of view.

By flowing your life energy, called prana in sanskrit, we can enhance our blissfulness.


Prana balances and flows our energy in and out.

The logo on this page shows Prana mudra. This is the mudra of life.

Balanced prana provides more ease and avoids negative energy around you.

Prana mudra will help you provide an enhanced clear sense of self in any situation or environment.

This mudra is helpful when you meditate, too.

Keep the index and middle finger as straight as possible, and touch your thumb, ring and pinky fingers gently.


Why is ghee so special?


Ghee is a main oil for Ayurvedic cooking. Why?

It’s because it will be easier to digest compared to the other oils, and most beneficially, it creates ojas.

Ojas is our vitality, immunity and blissfulness.  When we have enough ojas, we will stay healthy.

When we don’t have enough ojas, we tend to accumulate toxins in the body and eventually become ill.

Ghee is always made with cow milk, and it has the reason, too.

The cow transforms sunlight like no other creature on the planet.

They, as all animals are, a gift to us to care for and be in harmony with.

The Vedas, from which Ayurveda and Yoga come, give us some background on this.