Believe in the Lotus Sutra and Become a Buddha

“Buddha” is a human being who has extinguished all desires and arrived at a state of great peace and tranquility. The Eternal Buddha, whom may also be called Mother Nature, is the existence that gives us life. He is the source of our life. The goal of followers of Nichiren Buddhism is to have faith in the Lotus Sutra and to become a Buddha with this very body.

What is the source of the joy and excitement that comes from knowing about the Lotus Sutra? That source is the awareness that I will become a Buddha, just as I am, with this body of mine. It can be thought of as being the firm conviction that we can become one with the Eternal Buddha.

To believe in the Lotus Sutra is to believe from the bottom of our heart that I will surely become a Buddha. It can be nothing other than to feel from the bottom of our heart that the Eternal Buddha is always by our side. And, to have faith in the Lotus Sutra and to acquire peace and happiness is the merit of the Lotus Sutra and the Odaimoku.

For example, even if we have worries and sufferings at this present moment that we are living, through the faith of the Lotus Sutra, human life becomes deeply meaningful and even filled with peace. In other words, to believe in the Lotus Sutra is to live the bodhisattva practice with the high ideal of seeking to improve this world.

Moreover, if we are freed from our desires and attachments by training ourselves in the Lotus Sutra, we will arrive at the mental state of peace and tranquility while in this world. All happenings in this world are the plan of the Eternal Buddha, and at the same time, the Eternal Buddha is always protecting us.

If we can achieve such deep conviction, this present world of pain will appear as the Pure Land, just as it is. At that moment, the sentient beings, including ourselves, becomes the Buddha, and the land and the world also becomes the Buddha. And when our mind has reached the mental state of great peace, the world that is before our eyes also appears to be most beautiful.

Such a precious mental state is not just a theoretical, empty argument, but it is a mental state that can be surely reached by practical training based on strong faith in the Lotus Sutra.

Many eminent priest and such persons Kenji Miyazawa and the former prime minister, Tanzan Ishibashi, had arrived at that precious mental state through faith in the Lotus Sutra.

By Rev. Yamamura. Translated by Mr. Dean Makinodan