Honolulu Buddhist Temple

Collection of Recitations by Tempu Nakamura Recitation for Fortunate

March 30, 2020

The Divine Spirit of the Universe is waiting to overflow into man’s life just as soon as man’s passage to that life is opened by his feelings of gratitude and gladness.   Thus, the more we have such feelings of gratitude and gladness in everything, the more we can receive the highest gifts given by the Spirit of the Universe.   Therefore, always in gladness, gratitude, laughter and joy, I will push bravely and lively in everything in my life. Collection of Recitations by Tempu Nakamura Page 9

Collection of Recitations by Tempu Nakamura – Great Truth

March 26, 2020

Oh, indeed! My life connects with the Great Spirit of the Universe.   The life is infinite.   It contains nothing unhealthy, nor unfortunate.   Having received the flow that precious life, I also become perfect and absolutely strong in all of my life.   Therefore, I will tie the knot with the Great Spirit of the Universe more closely with my sincerity, love, harmony, confidence and courage.   Collection of Recitations by Tempu Nakamura Page 8

Collection of Recitaitons of Tempu Nakamura – Recitation for words –

March 19, 2020

From now on, I will never allow myself to speak evil.   No, I will be mindful of my every word.   Also, I will no longer be negative nor pessimist, or criticize my circumstances or work.   Throughout my life I will live with words full of optimism, joy, hope, liveliness, bravery and peace.   And, I will receive the infinite power of the Spirit of the Universe into my life, and build my life with that infinite power.  

Hibiscus at Honolulu Myohoji

Collection of Recitaitons of Tempu Nakamura – Recitation for awareness of essential of human beings

March 12, 2020

As the Lord of All Creation, man possesses in the depth of his mind a remarkable power which acts to join himself with the infinite powe of the Spirits of the Universe.   Therefore, if you want to be a TRUE MAN, you must not seek strength vainly outside of yourself. A wonderfully immense power, called the reserved power, is always waiting within the sub-conscious mind to build up all of your life. You should devotedly promote it by keeping your mind peaceful and calm in whatever may happen.

Collection of Recitaitons of Tempu Nakamura – Recitation for thinking –

March 6, 2020

I am in the minds of the Spirit of the Universe now.   Also, I am one with the power of Divine Wisdom.   The spirit of the Universe of the Universe always assume a fair attitude in making everything in this world better.   And it pours its constructive and omnipotent power, such as positive attitude, righteousness, brightness and cheerfulness, upon all matters conceived by man.   And thus, the man who receives that power will surely become power itself.

What’s the pristine life to be?

March 4, 2020

Aloha everyone! How’s your 2020 going? I hope all is well and have a blissful year! Have you thought of what’s life to be? How would you like to experience your life? I would like to share what’s needed for us to love our life today. Pursuing something would very by people. I learned (and still learning) the core of my life goal through my Yoga practice. I would like to share this from my experience and surely it will apply to everyone, even to those who don’t practice yoga. What I think is important for life is to focus on your “health”. “Health”, meaning mental and physical health, is…

Your belongings are related to your energy flow.

March 2, 2020

Hi everyone! From the continuation of my last article, I would like to share a little bit more about energy flow. We will focus on our belongings today. If you have your bag (or purse) by your side, please try to visualize what’s in there. Once you imagined everything, please open the bag (or purse) to check if what you listed match with the items you have. Were you able to match all items? This is just a sample of training how to be connected with your mind. If you could imagine what’s in your bag, that’s great! Imagine if your items in the bags are the memory and the…

Do you believe in energy flow?

February 28, 2020

Hello everyone! Do you believe in energy flow? If yes, please keep seeking your flow. If not, let’s learn what’s the energy flow first and you can choose if you want to learn more or not. Energy is something you cannot see, but it truly takes you to the right path of your life. (Be careful, it can go wrong if you have negative energy!) Broadly, energy is flowing on this earth, but it is also flowing within your body. Have you heard of “Chakra”? That’s the merge of your energy. When you learn yoga, you will learn two energy flows – Ida and Pingala. Ida: the sun energy Pingala:…

President’s Message

February 27, 2020

Happy New Year! Right now I think 2020 will go by as fast as 2019!?   May 24, 2020, Sunday, is the celebration of Honolulu Myohoji’s 90th Anniversary! A milestone for the Temple, in reflecting on the past history. We are already planning for the event. The main celebration will take place at the Hawaii Prince Hotel in Waikiki, recently renamed, 100 Sails. We believe having it at this venue will make coordination of logistics much easier, not only on the few volunteers available from the Temple but also the visiting ministers, who will not have to be concerned with transportation issues. We project the event will go a lot…

What’s Zero waste lifestyle?

February 24, 2020

Hello from Oahu! This is a continuation of my last article. Today’s topic is “zero-waste”. I briefly mentioned that “zero-waste” is a type of earth-friendly lifestyle. Let’s see what “zero-waste” practitioners actually do. Below 4 is the main pillars:       Reduce       Reuse       Recycle       Compost There are many websites which introduces how to live free from waste already, so I would like to share tips for a better life with the combination of yoga, Ayurveda and waste-control. One of the basis of yoga says “purify your environment”. It’s because what you see (or surrounding) is actually showing the state of…