Honolulu Buddhist Temple

Singing Voices of the “Bells of Nagasaki” Resonate The Hope for Peace to the Next Generatio

October 3, 2019

Commemorative Ceremony at the Honolulu Myohoji On the 9th of August the 26th Annual Nagasaki Peace Ceremony was held at the Honolulu Myohoji. The participants came together transcending the differences of religions. With the performance of the Royal Hawaiian Band, together with Motonobu Shiba, the President of the Nagasaki Kenjin Kai, the participants sang the “Bells of Nagasaki” and prayed for the victims and pledged for peace. Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng, the sister of the former President Obama, touched on Dr. Ryu Nagai, who was engaged in peace activities as a physician and a Christian, and who was also the model for the “Bells of Nagasaki.” She appealed to the participants…

Dharma Message by the Venerable Nichiou Itagaki, 8th Bishop of Butsugenji,

September 2, 2019

The Unification of Buddhism (All Religions) What those who aspire to follow Buddhism must first think about is that the object of worship for their faith is Shakyamuni Buddha. Moreover, among all the sutras, which Shakyamuni Buddha expounded to save all living beings, the Lotus Sutra truly unifies the minds of all humankind, and is it not a precious sutra that brings peace to the world? It is just as Shakyamuni Buddha declares: “I have taught many sutras, but among them the Lotus Sutra is supreme.” (The Teacher of the Dharma chapter) St. Nichren read the words of the Lotus Sutra with his mind, experienced and mastered it with his…

Warm and Beautiful Like Kannon Bodhisattva

August 26, 2019

Kannon changes Himself into thirty-three forms And saves all people from their sufferings Since the Great Merciful and Compassionate Kannon Is the virtuous body of awakening to the Lotus Sutra, When we recite the Odaimoku and have faith in the Eternal Buddha, We become as beautiful as the Kannon. And we can be of service to others with a warm and gentle mind. The Venerable Rev. Nichiyu Iwama, 90th Archbishop of Minobu-san

Obon’s Note

August 23, 2019

Why do we offer a toba?   I will speak about a letter that is written by St. Nichiren about the merit of making a handwritten copy of the Lotus Sutra. In the letter there is a story from ancient China. There was a person by the name of Uryu, who was the foremost calligrapher in ancient China. For some reason Uryu hated Buddhism. That is why although he was a calligrapher, he did not do calligraphy of Buddhist sutras. At the time of his death, he left these words to his son, Iryu. “In calligraphy, you will probably surpass me. However, no matter who may ask you, it is…

Live as though you will die tomorrow. Learn as though you will live forever.

August 8, 2019

In his Dharma message in his magazine, Hoju, Rev. Kunugi includes the words of the Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India’s independence. “Live as though you will die tomorrow. Learn as though you will live forever.” The life of our physical body is not eternal. No one knows when one will go to that other world. If we live each day with gratitude that it is indeed a blessing and precious to be alive today, each of our days will be enriched. If we might not be alive tomorrow, there are things that we must do today. If we were to die tomorrow, we must earnestly live today so that…

Why Does Nichiren-Shu Worship the gods of Hawaii and the gods of Japan?

August 5, 2019

In the Hokke Shoshin Jobutsu by St. Nichiren it is written that having achieved enlightenment, Shakyamuni Buddha immediately wanted to teach the Lotus Sutra to people. Nevertheless, the ability and conditions of the sentient beings were of an infinite variety and were not the same, and that is why for forty years, he prepared to do so by teaching various sutras, and at the end He expounded the Lotus Sutra. In chapter 2 of the Lotus Sutra, Expedients, if He had taught the Lotus Sutra from the start, the people would have difficulty in understanding and would not believe Him. They would instead slander the Lotus Sutra, and fall to…

Sentient Being Are Innumerable, I Vow to Save Them All By Rev. Teinyo Kunugi

August 5, 2019

At Jorinji temple a SEGAKI memorial service is being held each month. The names of the spirits that one wishes to memorialize are written on a toba and memorialized. This March 11 is the eighth year since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. More than twenty thousand people had lost their precious lives. At the March service of Jorinji, a toba was made for the spirits and the trueheartedness of the memorial service was offered to them. Rev. Kunugi’s son, Rev. Teigyo Kunugi, had the followers of Mt. Shichimen write paper toba for those who died in the earthquake. As many as thirty-thousand tobas were written. These paper tobas were memorialized…

Eternal Life

August 4, 2019

We think that human life begins at birth and ends at death.   Yet is this true?   Before birth, we were in our mother’s womb for ten months.   And the source for that stay is further connected to our ancestors.   It is the connection of life before birth.   The life that seeks to live on after death remains on by being connected to its descendants.   In the same way that the light of the sun does not begin at sunrise and end at sunset,   Know that our life is joined with the distant past and future.   The Venerable Rev. Nichiyu Iwama, 90th Archbishop of Minobu-san   久遠のいのち   人生は誕生に始まり…

The 3 Dharma Seals

August 2, 2019

1, Impermanence (Anitya)   The Buddha taught that everything is impermanence. All things change. We cannot find anything that is permanent. When we know that everything is changing, we can forecast predict what will happen in the future and prepare for it. And, we understand that without exception, everything will decay and disappear. In this way our strong attachment to material will be reduced. For example, The cells of our body are changing each moment.   The existence called a human being is an existence that becomes old and dies. If we can understand this, we can accept our own death objectively. And eventually our fear of aging and death…

Merit of Memorial Services By Rev. Teinyo Kunugi

July 31, 2019

K lost her husband seven years ago and since then she earnestly continued to hold memorial services for him, and she memorialized him at the monthly hungry ghost service at Jorinji. The year before last when she collapsed from heart illness and was being hospitalized, her late husband appeared in her dream. “Thank you for always holding a memorial service for me. You will be alright because I made a request to St. Nichiren of Jorinji.” He clearly said this to her in her dream. After her dream, K’s condition improved by the day. She spoke about her precious experience saying: “It was a blessing to know that a memorial…