Honolulu Buddhist Temple

The Reason for Being a World Nichiren-Shu

February 20, 2019

Many Japanese and American think that Nichiren-Shu is a Japanese religion for the Japanese. That thinking, however, is old and narrow. Nichiren-Shu is a world religion that equals Christianity. That is because the Nichiren-Shu is a religion that worships the Lotus Sutra. In Japan, there are many religions that worship that Lotus Sutra, but for the religion that firmly inherits that spirit of St. Nichiren and with the founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni Buddha, as its main object of worship, there is only Nichiren-Shu. In the first place, the grave of St. Nichiren is in the main temple of Nichiren-Shu.   Today there are 11 priests, who are not of Japanese…

The Way that Honolulu Myohoji Should Be

February 10, 2019

In order to live happily on earth, we need a philosophy that becomes our policy for action.  If that philosophy is pure and good, a person that takes action according to that philosophy can live happily.  On the contrary, if that philosophy is bad, a person becomes unhappy. Our philosophy is truly the teaching of the Lotus Sutra.  The Lotus Sutra is the highest teaching that was left to us by Shakyamuni Buddha.  This teaching must become the philosophy that the Honolulu Myohoji is managed by.  It was based on the Lotus Sutra that the mission of Honolulu Myohoji, which was selected. 1, To seek the spiritual happiness of all…