Honolulu Buddhist Temple


June 7, 2019

My sincerest congratulations on the 65th anniversary of the Honolulu Ki Society Seishinkandojo. I still recall the tears of joy of Tabata Seichi Sensei at the 60th anniversary 5 years ago. How happy would Tabata Sensei also be at this 65th anniversary. As you all know the renovations of your dojo, within the Community Hall of Honolulu Myohoji, were successfully completed. On behalf of the Honolulu Myohoji, I hope that the Ki Society will continue to support us. Instead of “support” it is my wish that you will walk the path together with us. We wish to support you because I am studying the philosophy of Nakamura Tenpu Sensei, who…

The Practice of Buddhists “Six Paramitas” are the way for with peaceful life and happier life.

June 6, 2019

Charity The practice of Giving   I am sure that we know about charity. This includes making a donation. For instance, we can donate money to the temple, or we can give of our time by coming to clean the temple. We might not be able to do these things, but we can certainly give a smile to others, or speak gentle and encouraging words to them. Giving ease and comfort to others are also very important acts of charity.   Precepts or Moral Discipline   It is to refrain from doing what we think is bad. It is to not do what we are unable to do with a…

Peace Tower

June 5, 2019

The fact is that the Honolulu Myohoji was built as a peace tower. The Myohoji was originally not built as a church. Please remember this fact. Bishop Kobayashi and his followers worked to build in Honolulu, Hawaii, a unique peace tower that was based on the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. The Myohoji was originally built not as a temple like the other many temples in Honolulu, which were built as fellowship facilities for the Japanese and their descendants. While the external appearance of the Myohoji seems to be a temple, the truth is that it must be a tower. What is the purpose of that tower? It must be…


June 1, 2019

It is a great honor to be invited here today. That is because I am a Kannon worshiper and Kannon practitioner. I certainly believe in the existence of Kannon-sama. I also always recite the name of the Kannon-sama. Several years ago I worshiped at the Kannon temple in Asakusa after some time. When I was a child, I had visited the temple several times, but it was my first visit since becoming a priest. As you all know, the Asakusa Kannon is one of the largest Kannon holy places in Japan and very famous. Nearly ten-thousand people visit the Asakusa Kannon each day. While many are tourists, there is power…

Queen Lili’uokani

May 31, 2019

As you know Queen Liliuokani accepted and protected the religions and cultures that came from abroad. It is because of the Queen that we Japanese and Japanese-Americans can live in peace in Hawaii. Moreover, we Hawaiian Buddhists were also protected by the Queen. It is also thanks to the Queen that many temples exist in Hawaii. The basic teaching of Buddhism is tolerance and acceptance. No matter what the circumstances of a person, we seek to accept them with a broad-mind. Furthermore, the mission of Buddhism is to worship the life of a person and to respect human diversity. In that regard, we can say that the Queen personified Buddhism.…

What Is a Human Lifetime?

May 30, 2019

Today will never come again. The accumulation of the days, which will never come again, Is a human lifetime. To defile this day of today with resentment and hatred Creates unimaginable regret. Today, when we have a human body, which is most difficult to receive, And have met the Myoho (Wondrous Truth), which is rare to encounter, Let us cheerfully and fully live this day By following the path of the teachings. The Venerable Rev. Nichiyu Iwama, 90th Archbishop of Minobu-san   人間の一生とは   今日一日は再びかえらない (Today never come again?)   再びかえらない一日のつみかさねが   人間の一生である   怨んだり憎んだりして今日一日を穢しては   取り返しのつかない悔やみがのこる   受けがたき人身をうけ 逢いがたき妙法にあえた今   教えの道に従って 今日を明るく生きぬこう   身延山第90世 岩間日勇法主

The mission and idea of Honolulu Myohoji

May 24, 2019

The mission and idea of Honolulu Myohoji is to seek the mental happiness of all people and to contribute to Hawaiian society through Nichiren Buddhism. The Honolulu Myohoji must be managed with this idea. Let us think about the purpose of Myohoji’s existence and why you attend the services. Myohoji exists for the happiness of the people of Hawaii and for Hawaiian society to become even better. That is why we, who are connected with Myohoji, must think seriously about what we can do for Hawaiian society. In order to do this all of us must live happily and in good health. Those who come to Myohoji must be a…

“Inochi” (Life)

May 17, 2019

One of the roles functions of the temple is to be taught people about the importance of life. People simply say that “I am living. “ But, such thinking is mistaken. We have to say I am being sustained Our life is one part of Mother Nature, and it is being ruled and controlled by God and Buddha. We can understand this when we think about the great earthquakes and natural disasters that occurred suddenly in history. The mistaken thinking is the cause for suicide. It also is the cause for thinking lightly about the life of another. Life is the possession of no one. I am being sustained. This…

Mental Wave Motion of Peace

May 15, 2019

I have spoken about human thought and the power of words. This time I would like to share two happenings with you. The other day, August 9, a Nagasaki prayer service was held at the Myohoji. Many officials attended the service. The day before the service someone made this remark to Marsha Joyner, one of the promoters, and the honorary president of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition of Hawaii. “What if it rains on the day of the service?” Since the venue for prayer service was outdoors, it was natural to ask that. Ms. Joyner answered frankly, “It will not rain.” There was nothing to support her answer.…

The Lecture at the Yokosuka Community Center

May 14, 2019

The writings of the Venerable Rev. Nittatsu Fujii: “Religion is a problem within an individual’s mind. The people of today are thinking that it is all right to believe in and think about anything. That is not right. It would good if what they believe in their mind and think about remained quietly within the individual’s mind. However, the mistaken thoughts within the mind appear as social problems. So, what must we do to save the sufferings of this world? We must first restore the people’s minds. There is no other way. And what must we do so that human beings will be raised with true peace? There is only…