Human beings are formed of spirit, mind, and body. The spirit is the human essence.

In order to protect our spirit and to enable it to grow, we have received a mind and a body from the Eternal Buddha (God). And to live a happy life and to live to serve others, we must use our mind and body as efficiently as possible. The mind and body are our tools to live in this world. We must not be the servants of our mind and body. We are the master. The mind and body are the servants. We must control our mind and body.

Controlling the mind

    The most important for mental care is meditation. Our mind is full of worldly thoughts and distracting ideas. These could be worries for the future or our dissatisfaction with the present. It is because of our worldly thoughts and distracting ideas that we cannot see the proper course for our lives to proceed on. And that is why we are confused and suffer. It is through meditation that we must cleanse our mind of these worldly thoughts and distracting ideas.

When we are able to control our breathing through meditation and Yoga, we can control our emotions. We do not change such negative emotions as anger and sadness, but we become able to control them. Where does anger and sadness come from? We investigate their cause. And we come to know the cause. Just knowing about the cause brings us closer to mental peace. And knowing that anger is a harmful emotion, we make efforts to not bring harm to others. We strive to not accumulate bad karma. This is for the sake of our future happiness.

Moreover, it is being proven by many scientists that mental peace influences bodily health. Through mental peace alone can the human body also become healthy and be less susceptible to illness.


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Controlling the body

      We should have a well-balanced and nutritious diet with much vegetables and fruits, and avoid such harmful foods as white sugars, old oils and junk foods. The cause of illness is impurities in our blood. How does blood become impure? It is because our intestines are in the same condition. That is why we should consume a good amount of fiber and so forth and improve our bowel movement. It is important to maintain the health of our colon. In addition, we should have a suitable amount of exercise.

No matter how much good nutrition we partake and also exercise, without mental peace, we fall ill. In addition, with only mental peace and not providing good nourishment for our body, we again fall ill. We cannot become happy and we succumb to illness without caring for the two wheels of mental care and bodily care.

We care for our mind through meditation and Yoga care for our body through Yoga and good nutrition. By establishing the two wheels of mental care and bodily care, we become happy and healthy. While this is simple, many people do not know this or practice it.

Without mental and bodily care, no matter how we pray, we will not be saved.   Buddhism is realistic. By taking it upon ourselves to eat good foods for our body and to practice the meditation, we maintain our mental peace. By so doing, we can save ourselves. Buddhism is discipline and practice.