Honolulu Buddhist Temple

Special Prayers

According to Nichiren Buddhist tradition, we are born with two Buddhist deities on our shoulders. Because the Buddha knows that this world is full of suffering, he sends us two deities to protect us from various accidents and misfortune so we can live better lives. One deity is called Doshoten and the other is called Domyoten. Have you ever had the experience where you almost get hit by a car, but you manage to avoid the accident? Or where you want to try and do something, but you have a strange feeling about it, so you don’t do it. And afterwards you realize that what you wanted to do was very dangerous and you were fortunate not to have done it? These two deities are protecting and guiding you. When we realize their presence we can appreciate to their guidance and benefit from their protection. The protective power of these two deities become stronger the more we chant Namu Myoho Renge Kyo. It may be hard to believe but actually, many people have been saved by the merits of Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.

Among the special prayers that may be requested there are prayers for the health of individuals or families, business success, prayers for safe delivery, infant’s first blessing, prayers for safe travel and a good marriage. Home purification and office blessings may also be requested.Please contact Rev. Yamamura at 808-524-7790 or email info@honolulumyohoji.org for appointment.


Please contact REV. TAKAMASA YAMAMURA AT (808) 524-7790 for making appointment.