Mission Statement

The mission of the Honolulu Myohoji is to inspire people to follow Nichiren Shu Buddhism, comfort those in need, and serve the community.  The Temple is here to spread the teachings contained in the Lotus Sutra and the Nichiren Shu Buddhism to all persons and to bring them to the realization that everyone can attain” enlightenment”(Buddhahood) through the practice of compassion, love, peace, and happiness in one’s own life and extending it to others.

Schedule 2016/2017

  • May 22, Sun, 2016   Memorial Day
  • Aug.14, Sun, 2016   Obon Service
  • Sep. 18, Sun, 2016   Autumn Higan Ancestor Worshipping Service
  • Oct. 16, Sun, 2016   Oeshiki Service (Founder’s Memorial Day)
  • Dec. 18, Sun, 2016   End-year Cleaning up
  • Jan 1, Sun, 2017   New Year Service
  • Feb 5, Sun, 2017    Setsubun Service (New Year of the lunar calendar)
  • March 19, Sun, 2017    Spring Higan Ancestor Worshipping Service
  • April 9, Sun, 2017   Hanamatsuri (Buddha’s Birthday) Service