About Myohoji

Honolulu Myohoji Mission was established in 1931 by Rev. Nisshu Kobayashi of the Kenpon Hokke denomination. Many believers came to practice day and night.  As their faith grew, so did their wish to establish a Peace Tower to enshrine the ashes of the Buddha- Shakyamuni.

In May of 1954, Rev. Nittatsu Fujii of Nihonzan Myohoji offered a set of busshari (Buddha’s ashes).  In May of 1968, Rev. Eijo Ikenaga along with the founding members realized their dreams of establishing the Peace Tower and main prayer hall. Honolulu Myohoji would also be inducted into the NIchiren-Oreder (Nichiren-shu) in 1979.

In 1983, Honolulu Myohoji Japanese Culture Center was built for supporting the development of Japanese culture.